Blue Headed Pionus Parrot


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Blue Headed Pionus Parrots

  • Price: Not Handfed $3800 each or Handfed/Tame $4500 each, not including DNA
  • Color: Blue, Green, & Red.
  • Life Span Average: 20-40+ years
  • Size Average: Medium-Large 10-12 inches
  • Weight: 255 grams
  • Noise Level: Usually Quiet, can learn Words & Phrases.
  • Personality: Social, Intelligent, Independent, and can learn tricks.
  • Family: Pionus (Pionus¬†Menstruus)
  • Natural Habitat: Costa Rica, Venezuela, Trinidad, Bolivia, & Brazil.
  • Care: Its optimal for a Pionus to have very large cage, enough space to play. Stainless Steel or Powder Coated cages are good. Filled Food & Water bowls are needed 24/7 for the bird to stay healthy and hydrated. Toys are a must and treats for the bird to be happy. Once a week offer a bath in shallow water or mist the bird. Exercise is needed for 2-3 hours a day, let the bird spread its wings and flap its wings to exercise wing muscles. Let the bird walk and climb to exercise legs and feet, also let the bird chew on toys to work on jaw muscles.
  • Diet: Seeds, Pellets, Fruits, and Vegetables shall all be provided 24/7 & be balanced. Cuttle Bone must provided for calcium and vitamin blocks for vitamins. Also water soluble vitamins are optimal, such as the brand Nekton.
  • Sexes Differentiation: Homomorphic. However males are slightly larger & weigh more, while females slightly smaller & weigh less.
  • Caution: Any Parrot Can Bite!









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