Chestnut Fronted Macaw or Severe Macaw for sale


DNA from Bird/Parrot is submitted to a lab, determining & guaranteeing the gender of the Bird/Parrot. A DNA Certificate is emailed to client. The process takes 1-2 weeks to complete, this time is added to the order.

Wing feathers are trimmed to the point were the Bird/Parrot cannot fly far away, but might be able still glide. Beware in due time wing feathers will grow back.

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Chestnut Fronted Macaw or Severe Macaw for sale

Bird Description & Information:

  • Price:

    Chestnut Fronted Macaw or Severe Macaw for sale at $5200 each.

  • Age:

    (Baby 3-18 months) (Juvenile 19-35 months) (Adult 3-5 years) Age varies, depending which bird is chosen.

  • Color:

    Green, Red, Blue, White, & Black.

  • Life Span Average:

    30 to 80+ years

  • Size Average:

    45 to 48 centimeters or 17 to 18 inches

  • Weight Average:

    300 to 400 grams

  • Noise Level:

    Loud, very large talking ability and the speech can come off very clear. One of the best talking medium size Parrots.

  • Personality:

    Social, friendly, comical, energetic, and intelligent. Severe Macaws have larger than life attitude, with socialization Severe Macaws bond quickly with their owners, great training, and learning tricks.

  • Scientific Name:

    Severe Macaw (Ara Severus)

  • Origin or Natural Habitat:

    Severe Macaws originate from Southern Central America and Northern South America, in the countries of Panama, Bolivia, & Brazil. Severe Macaws habit are dense forests and any other habitat with trees. However they generally prefer areas that are prone to river flooding. When nesting they can be found high up in trees with cavities.

  • Gender Differentiation:

    (Homomorphic) There are three indications to differentiate Male Macaws from Female Macaws. (First is Size) Male Macaws tend to be larger than Females, while Female Macaws tend to be smaller than Males. (Second is Head Shape) Male Macaws head shape tend to be lager & flatter, while Female Macaws head shape tend to be smaller & rounder. (Third is Beak Shape) Male Macaws beak shape tend to be rounder, while Female Macaws tend to have a narrower beak. However these are just indications differentiating Males & Females, this doesn’t guarantee gender of the birds. Male & Female Macaws are homomorphic, Select DNA Check Box for the gender of the birds to be guaranteed & to differentiate Males & Females! If client chooses not to opt-in for DNA, the Avian Specialist Team does their best to select the right birds for our clients based off experience, physical traits, & personality traits.

  • Diet:

    Seeds, Pellets, Fruits, and Vegetables shall all be provided 24/7 & be balanced. Cuttle Bone must provided for calcium and vitamin blocks for vitamins. Also water soluble vitamins are optimal, such as the brand Nekton.

  • Care:

    Its optimal to have wide cage with 1/4-1/2 inch bar spacing, for enough space to play. Filled Food & Water bowls are needed 24/7 for the bird to stay healthy and hydrated. Toys are a must and treats for the bird to be happy. At least once a week or more, offer a bath in shallow water or mist the bird. Exercise is needed for 2-3 hours a day, let the bird spread its wings and flap its wings to exercise wing muscles. Let the bird walk and climb to exercise legs and feet, also let the bird chew on toys to work on jaw muscles.

  • Caution:

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    Chestnut Fronted Macaw or Severe Macaw for sale 1 Chestnut Fronted Macaw or Severe Macaw for sale 2
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