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PB Canary Seed for sale

Product description:

  • Info:

    Preferred Bird Canary Seed for sale is an exotic bird diet bird seed blend prepared for Canary birds.

  • Use For Types Of Birds:

    Canary, Canary related type bird species, and different type of finches species

  • Type Of Seed:

    Canary Seed diets are made up of many different seeds, including canary mix, poppy seed/maw, canary seed, Linseed, rape, canola, hull oats and different millet seeds. They also should be offered more the just seed, they eat insectivore mix, grains, greens, egg and biscuit formula, meal worms and fly pupae or maggots.

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4 lbs pounds, 20 lbs pounds, 40 lbs pounds


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