Plum Headed Finch for sale


DNA from Bird/Parrot is submitted to a lab, determining & guaranteeing the gender of the Bird/Parrot. A DNA Certificate is emailed to client. The process takes 1-2 weeks to complete, this time is added to the order.

Wing feathers are trimmed to the point were the Bird/Parrot cannot fly far away, but might be able still glide. Beware in due time wing feathers will grow back.

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Plum Headed Finch for sale

Bird Description & Information:

  • Price:

    Plum Headed Finch for sale at $175 each.

  • Age:

    (Baby 6 weeks – 5 months) (Juvenile 6-9 months) (Adult 10-18 months)

  • Color:

    Red, Purple, White, Beige, Black, & Brown.

  • Life Span Average:

    6 to 8 years

  • Size Average:

    Small 12 to 15 centimeters

  • Weight Average:

    10 to 12 grams

  • Noise Level:

    Low, many chirps and can sing. Song sounds with high pitched chirps, followed by gargling sound, and ends with flute like sound.

  • Personality:

    Calm & Social, in the wild Plum Headed Finches will mix in with other groups of species of finches & softbills.

  • Scientific Name:

    Neochmia Modesta

  • Origin or Natural Habitat:

    Northeastern Australia, found in dried grasslands and agricultural areas.

  • Care:

    Its optimal to have wide cage with 1/4 inch bar spacing, for enough space to play. Filled Food & Water bowls are needed 24/7 for the bird to stay healthy and hydrated. Toys are a must and treats for the bird to be happy.

  • Diet:

    Seeds, Pellets, & Fruits shall all be provided 24/7 & be balanced. Cuttle Bone must provided for calcium and vitamin blocks for vitamins. Also water soluble vitamins are optimal, such as the brand Nekton.

  • Gender Differentiation:

    (Dimorphic) Adult Males will have a black chin spot, more vibrant striping pattern, and greater color on the frontal bib on the head that is reddish purple. While Females lack black chin spot, have a duller stripe patterning, and less or absent colored frontal bib on head. When ordering Plum Headed Finches please select DNA option to guarantee the gender of the Plum Headed Finches. Plum Headed Finches can be homomorphic especially when under the age of 6 weeks-9 months or on certain mutations. If client chooses not to opt-in for DNA, the Avian Specialist Team does their best to select the right birds for our clients based off experience, physical traits, & personality traits.

  • Caution:

    Small easy to escape.

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